10th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Eastern Europe
 Forum: October 16-17  + Exhibition: OCTOBER 17-19 

New Energy Tech Projects Start Here.



One of the largest business events in Eastern Europe devoted to the latest technologies in the energy field - the 10th International Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show SEF 2018 KYIV, will be held on October 16-19 in Kyiv.

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Daily news digest of the field of sustainable energy, more figures and facts and, of course, interesting things about the preparations for the largest international business event of the SEF 2018 KYIV!


On SEF 2018 KYIV will be known what a new era of energy in Ukraine and the world will be!


Futuristic reality

Was anybody ready 10 years ago to argue that renewable energy will be the basis of energy supply for the world's largest economies and the cost of electricity from renewable sources is not just equal, but will be significantly cheaper than electricity from traditional sources?

Could anyone predict 5 years ago that almost all the major automakers: Toyota, BMW, Dimler, WV, Ford, etc. will be desperate fight for leadership in the segment of electric vehicles? Moreover, it will be declared that their strategies are the increasing production of electric vehicles up to 80-90% in total production volume.

Of course, the ideology of “green” technologies talked about this 30 years ago, but market analysts and investors just saw then today the picture a little differently, making cautiously optimistic predictions about the future of renewable energy sources.

Each year brings new energy industry set of technologies and factors that makes virtually every year to refresh the forecasts. 2017's been the year of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and artificial intelligence, as well as falling prices on equipment to store energy. Taken together, this paints a fundamentally new reality for energy development, which provides a new model of building infrastructure and interaction between producers and consumers.

Personally, I'm already not interested in the question “how many solar or wind farms the networks will be able to take?”. A more logical question: how many “mastodons” of energy, including nuclear power plants, power companies and other market participants will be able to hold out under the pressure of innovation in the field of sustainable energy?

Another page of modern energy history will be written at the 10th International Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of in Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018 KYIV, which is traditionally will be the main industry platform for owners and top managers of companies whose achievements create a futuristic future.

Vitaly Daviy,

co-founder of SEF


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